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Car rental conditions

Required documents:

  • - id card
  • - driving licence
  • ́


Consumption of fuel is paid by a customer. A customer receives the car with full tank and he/she is required to return it with full tank as well. If car is used for short distances, it is possible to arrange payment for used petrol (diesel) according to consumption of the vehicle and current fuel prices -  no obligation to fill up the tank. If the car hire time is exceeded by 60 minutes, you will be charged for one more day, minimum time of hiring is 24 hours.

Rental payment (charge) is paid in advance, before you receive a vehicle according to a current table of rates, at the same time you will be obliged to pay a refundable minimum deposit 5000 CZK (Škoda Fabia) and minimum 7000 CZK (Škoda Octavia). Required refundable deposit can be increased up to the amount of an insurance deductible. You can also request, upon agreement, to pick up or return your vehicle at a different location than premises of the car rental company.

Travelling abroad

When travelling abroad, leaving the territory of the Czech Republic, the customer is bound to inform the car rental company about his/her intention in advance. He/she can travel abroad only upon agreement with the car rental company. If the customer does not inform about this fact, the car rental company does not cover expenses, which will not be paid by an insurance company in case of an insurance event.


Vehicles are covered by car insurance (collision damage waiver). If the damage to the vehicle is caused by an unknown person, the customer pays an insurance deductible of 10% (minimum 10000 CZK). Every vehicle of a car rental is insured. This covers an event when the vehicle is damaged, destroyed or stolen. Further, other passengers (seats) are also covered. In accordance with law, our car rental company also covers the expenses for insurance responsibility for damage caused in relation with vehicle operation. Insurance does not cover damages caused by violating ordinance No. 99/1998 Coll. (if the driver used alcoholic beverages or drugs).

Neither does the insurance cover damages that arised on the basis of breaching contractual terms and conditions, or by not observing instructions and technological conditions defined by the car manufacturer when using the vehicle. Insurance does not cover damages incurred to tyres and wheel rims. If there were other people injured during an insurance event, that have the right to lay a claim, according to insurance stipulated in law, the customer is obliged to inform the car rental company without any delay. Insurance does not cover any luggage or belongings.